If you want to create your own payment gateway, you will need to go through several steps. The first step in creating a payment gateway from scratch is to learn all the necessary technical and legal requirements. You must understand how payment systems work, what data needs to be processed and what security protocols to use. is an excellent site that provides up-to-date information on this topic.



To create a payment gateway, you will need to choose a programming language, a database, and development tools. You will also need to design the application architecture, ensure data security, and perform testing.



Hello everyone, people love online shopping, because you can safely choose a product and pay for it at least at 3 am in a convenient way. According to Global Digital statistics, almost 100% of purchases on the Internet are paid through payment systems. Only sellers on ad sites work with direct payment to a bank card or to a legal entity. And then the sites independently connect automated payments, because buyers are put to this payment method. But the most important advantage for e-commerce is automation. After connecting such a system as on to the site and setting up the store, the seller only discusses the delivery details and sends the goods. The system itself generates an invoice for payment for the order, a request for secure payment, and then it itself transfers the money to the seller's settlement account. Fast and convenient.