How to assess the quality of a good book?

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Q1: the style is appropriate to the theme as it thrills the audience and tells a story based on murder mystery and crime.

Q2: The author was very successful with creating mood as the were scenes with mysterious vibes and frightening actions. These were appropriate for the story because the genre was mystery and thriller

Q3: the dialogue compliments the narrative as it gives a different perspective of the story to the audience.


Q5: The author is very effective with the language as it darkens the atmosphere throughout the story and makes it more thrilling. It also reaveals more of the character's personality and who they really are. 

Q6: At every chapter there were four lines of a ballard that the writer would use to illustrate the underline meaning of the story. She did this because whatever happened in the ballard, it would happen in the story for example in the ballard a girl named charlotte froze to death by not listening to her


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