How to answer GCSE Religious Studies questions

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In the question paper, there will be 4 sections and each section has 8 questions. You will only answer 4 questions (one from each section). The questions are split up into 4 mini parts (a,b,c and d). Here will be the guideline on how to answer the questions, in order for you to get A* in the exam.(Please note: One unit=Short Course, Two units=Full Course)

This is how part (a) question looks like:

'What is prayer?' or 'What is meant by the term omniscient?'

These types of questions are 2 marks, which means that it is 8 marks throughout the paper. These types of questions require you to accurately define the meaning of the word and use an example wherever possible. So, to answer the second question it will look something like this  'Omniscient means that God knows what is happening and what is going to happen.' This will be an automatic 2 marks. An easy way to revise definitions of your course is to make a table, write the words on one side and write the definitons on the other, and memorise them, then ask a friend to test you.This way you are fully prepared for any word that comes in the exam. For this question, you must not spend more than 2 minutes answering it.

This is how a part (b) question looks like:

'Do you think al-Qadar is the most important belief for Muslims?

Give two  reasons for your point of view.' 

Part (b) questions are worth 4 marks. You must state two reasons for your opinion and you must be able to justify them. For example: 'I disagree with the fact that Al- Qadar is the most important belief for Muslims because first they must believe in the oneness of Allah. This belief is otherwise known as Tawhid and is the basic principle for every Muslim.' This is worth 2 marks because I gave one opinion and explained it, to get the full 4 marks, you have to give one more opinion and justify it. Examiners are usually flexible with these types of questions as long as you can JUSTIFY YOUR POINT CLEARLY AND CONCISELY! For this question, you must not spend more than 5 minutes answering it. 

This is how a part (c) question looks like:

'Explain how belief in akhirah (life after death) affects the lives


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