How Successful was Mandela?


How Successful was Mandela?


  • International symbol with a titanic legacy

  • 1998 act recognising domestic violence as a ‘serious social evil’

  • Emphasis on sexism caused several acts including the introduction of abortion

  • 1998 prevention of organised crime

  • Slashed spending and pursued foreign investments which led to the longest period of growth in the country’s history

  • Trade sanctions lifted and investment flooded in 

  • Managed to establish South Africa as a great democracy 

  • Inspirational to the black majority

  • Embodied the best human qualities after his prison release in 1990

  • Spoke up for AIDS education and treatment in his later years after presidency 

  • Stabilised a post-apartheid economy 

  • No civil war

  • 1996 constitution was very progressive

  • Brought budget deficit under control


  • 1996 law


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