How far was Alfonso XIII responsible for his own downfall?

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  • Lack of support for Primo De Rivera grew and so did anti-monarchist feelings. e.g. The Alianza Republicana political party aimed to do away with both Primo De Rivera's dictatorship and the monarchy. 
  • After the resignation of Primo De Rivera, Alfonso XIII ordered for Berenguer, another military general, to form a government. He was viewed as weak despite repealing some of the harsher laws introduced by De Rivera. There were increasing anti-monarchist feelings under his rule and Berenguer failed to promptly recall the Cortes.
  • During De Rivera's dictatorship, other political parties had been repressed, meaning that the political system was too disorganised for Berenguer to be able to call for a prompt election. 
  • A socialist trade union, the UGT, called for a general strike against Berenguer and the monarchy…


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