How Effective was Government Response to Radical Protest 1790-1819


How Effective was Gov Response to Radicalism? 

Trial of leaders of the LCS and suspension of Habeus Corpus 

  • In 1793 government arrested leaders of LCS and SCI as they viewed a meeting they called 'seditious'
  • Trials took place towards the end of 1794, 
  • Habeus Corpus suspended in 1794
  • However all evidence was either invented or flimsy, so all accused were acquitted
  • LCS at its height had 5,000 members
  • After trial key leaders withdrew from radical politics 

Treason Act 1795 and Seditious Meetings Act 1795

  • Treason Act in 1795 made it treason to even threaten parliament, made call for parliamentry reform treason 
  • Seditious meetings act of 1795, act restricted size of meetings to only 50 people, unless


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