How effective is parliament in resisting executive dominance?


'Executive Dominance' arises as a result of the fusion of powers in the UK system underpinned by first past the post which delivers a majority to government. The 'whip' system, the patronage powers of the prime minister, and government domination of the legislative timetable, the salisbury convention and the lack of a vote for the lords reinforces this. It can also be an elective dictatorship.

  • Governments rarely lose votes
  • Governmen is increasingly using secondary legislation to change laws
  • Ministers can obstruct committees and do not have to act on their reports
  • Very few private member's bills
  • More rebellions in the commons
  • Legal right to a final vote on Brexit
  • Select committees have grown in status
  • Higher profile in the media
  • The lords have been increasingly vocal recently
  • Gives its members a strong sense of corporate identity, motivating some public interest behaviours
  • Some…


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