How did Weimar survive?

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Weimar survived all of this turmoil however. why?

The Weakess of their Opponents 

Their opponents were not united, and had different political agenda. They also lacked organisation and widespread support 

Poor Planning of Putsches:

Spartacists did not plan carefully enough - tried to spontaneously turn a protest into a revolution 

During the Munich Putsh - Hitler showed indecision in launching his coup - gave time for people to alert authorities 

Lack of support:

Spartacists only had 15,000 members

700,000 people demonstrated against the political murders of Walter Rathenau and others in the White Terror in 1922 in Berlin - Public revulsion 

Ebert and Stresemann 


Ruthless against Spartacists and other left wing rebels.

Led call for general strike after Kapp Putsch

Ebert ruled


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