Why Britain became more Democratic -Changing Political Attitude

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Changing Political Attitude

  • During the second half of the 1800's, Socialism began to spread throughout Europe;
  • Workers responsible for producing country's wealth
  • political power 
  • By the 1870's, many trouble unionists supported this new ideology and some workers were also beginning to support such ideas
  • By the 1850's, liberal leaders such as Lord John Russell and William Gladstone favoured political reform 
  • They challenged older, vested interests and opposed the power of the land owners 
  • Gladstone believed that moderate, educated and skilled workers deserved the vote as a moral right 

Positive Analysis 

  • If large groups of people were continually denied the vote them they might be attracted to the new dangerous political ideologies (eg.Marxism) 
  • The Government felt pressured to pass reforms due to threats of revolution 

Negative Analysis 

  • Working class people who needed the vote…


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