Hovver Dam - Case Study

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  • Hoover Dam

A Large scale top down water management project in an MEDC.

So many large projects are implemented on the Colorado river beacuse it is a very dry area and is used to irragate land so that fruit and vegetables can be grown. It also supplies water to Southern California.

Why was Water Transfer Needed?

  • Temperatures throughout the Calorado basin are high so water is lost through evaporation.
  • The basin relies on snow melt from the Rockies, which relies on precipatation.
  • The lower basin was liable to flooding.
  • Urbanisation and population growth in the SW.
  • Water is also needed for farming (cattle and irragation).

Why was the area so suited to a reservoir?

  • The Colorado river flows across deeply dissected, level sandstone plateus (canyons)
  • Canyons provide storage. The underlying rocks are impermeable and so less water would be lost through infiltration and percolation.
  • The Hoove dam was built in the Black canyon


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