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Inside our bodies conditions are kept relatively constant. This is called homeostasis. The kidneys are organs which have a major role to play in both homeostasis and the removal of waste products,or excretion. They filter the blood, removing substances and controlling the concentration of water and solutes in the blood and other body fluids.

If you drink water and wait your body would soon respond by producing the same volume of urine. In other words it would automatically balance your water input and water loss. Drinking is the main way our bodies gain water, but there are other sources such as in food, and in cell respiration. The body also loses water, mostly in water but also in smaller volumes in , faeces, sweat and exhaled air. Every day, we gain and lose about the same volume of water, so that the total content of our bodies stays more or less the same. This is an example of homeostasis. The word homeostasis means steady state and refers to keeping conditions inside the


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