Homeostasis and Feedback

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HOMEOSTASIS: is the maintenance of a constant internal environment despite external changes. 

Living organisms have a number of conditions to maintain;

  • body tempreature
  • blood glucose concentrations
  • blood salt concentration
  • water potential of the blood 
  • blood pressure
  • carbon dioxide concentration

Negative Feedback:

In order to maintain a constant internal environment a number of processes must occur;

  • any change to the internal environent must be detected 
  • the change must be signalled to other cells
  • there must be a response that reverses the change

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK:is a process which brings about a reversal of any change in conditions   to optimum conditions



There are a number of structures required for this pathway to work;

  • SENSORY RECEPTORS: eg; tempreature or glucose concentrations receptors. These


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