Hitler's Aims In Foreign Policy

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His main aims can be summerised as follows:

  • to make Germay into a Great Power again
  • to unite all German speaking people under his rule
  • to gain territory for Germany in the East to provide living space for the German people.

Achieving Hitler's aims

To achieve these aims, it would be necessary to destory the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler had gained much support in Germany throughout the 1920s by codemning the treaty and the politicians who had signed it. He blamed many of Germany's problems on the peace settlement. the treaty was a symobol of Germany defeat and the disgrace that came with it. When Hitler came to power, reparations had been reduced and eventually cancelled in 1932. The remainder of the…




Gain living space in east - 'Lebensraum'

Greater Germany- 'Grossdeutschland'

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