Hitler's Rise to Power

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Reichstag Fire

  • 27th February 1933
  • The Reichstag Building was where Germany's parliament met
  • Prior to January 1933, Hitler made it clear that he would not work with the Reichstag that had been elected
  • At 9pm, Goebbels recevied a call infroming him that the Reichstag building was on fire but did not inform Hitler despite him being in the house. After receving another call confirming the news, they both left for the Reichstag to meet Goering
  • They declared that the fire was the work of Communists and Sociolists and the SA would put on an alert to remain order
  • Hitler ordered that every communist officer should be shot where he was found and order no liniency for Social Democrats
  • Nearly 400 people were arrested by the SA
  • However, in 1942 General Franz Halder claimed he had heard Goering boasting about starting


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