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I'd been tired, under
the weather, but the ansaphone kept screaming:
One more sick-note, mister, and you're finished. Fired.
I thumbed a lift to where the car was parked.
A Vauxhall Astra. It was hired.

this is told from a first person perspective; narrator uses the phrase 'under the weather', a colloquial idiom to describe him feeling ill but I think this could have a dual meaning, under the weather as in his wholelife is going wrong, his whole life is tired and ill.

the narrator isbeing warned that he will loose his job because he has been ill so many times, also the fact that he is handing in 'sick notes' rather than ringing up suggests possible cycological problems so he does not want to speak to anyone in person.

the ansaphone screaming reflects his mental state of insecurity. the verb verb links to his internal termoil.

the title, hitcher, is describing someone who hitches a lift and this man hitches a lift. the iring of the car suggests financial problems.

I picked him up in Leeds.
He was following the sun from west to east
with just a toothbrush and the good earth for a bed. The truth,
he said, was blowin' in the wind,
or round the next bend.

the narrator then gives a hitcher a lift, the narrator describes what the hitcher is doing in a possitive


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