History - USA Race Issue Overview

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Overview on race issue

What was life like for black American's in the 1920-1930s?

  1. Segregation and the Jim Crow Laws, legalised in 1896.
    Stated that they should be separated but equal. But of course this didn't happen.
  2. Poor Education and Poorly paid jobs.
    Many black people could not read. Before voting they would be asked to read difficult passages and if they didn't (like most of them did) they were not aloud to vote
  3. The KKK, created in 1865
    Worked in the southern states and wanted to protect the USA from black people and others who were not White Anglo Saxon Protestants (or WASPs)

They were *****, murdered and lynched.

  1. Migration to the North

They moved to the north in search for a better life as segregation didn't exist there. However, they still were given the worst jobs and housing.

  1. The NAACP, Founded in 1909 to abolish segregation and lynching's from the KKK.
  2. Harlem Renaissance
    Talented Black singers who were discovered by white patrons were given the chance to perform for white audiences. However, black people were banned.
  3. Slavery was abolished in 1863
  4. 1781 American Constitution stated that every man should be born free with equal rights"

How did the depression change the lives of black Americans?

  1. Roosevelts New Deal

It gave relief to the poor and hungry and this included many blacks. It helped over 1 million Black Americans.

  1. 1936 democrat vote

They received the black vote and many blacks were elected into the Federal state. In 1940, 100 black people were in the federal government.

  1. Discrimination because of the new deal
  2. One half


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