History- USA- Isolationism and its effects


America dettaching themselves from the rest of Europe i.e- uninterested in getting involved in European affairs. This was in order to focus and build up their own country.

Because of this belief, President Woodrow Wilson (a democrat) at the time had little popularity as he believed that it was America's duty to take a lead role in foreign affairs.

(1917) Isolationist views strengthened due to America's participation in the 1st World War under Wilson's orders. 100,000 American soldiers died during the War; despite this no.= small compared to the no. of deaths of British, French, German soldiers e.t.c., this no. was seen as a huge personal tragedy to American citizens.

After 1st World War, America were then involved in the civil war in Russia- further increased isolationist views.

(1918) League of


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Good set of notes on American isolationism and its effects on the economy for example. Take this information and add it to your work on the economy in the 1920s and the long term causes of the Depression.



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