history- the american west c.1840-1895

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The great plain's climate 

  • grassland
  • low plains- East long grass
  • high plains- west short grass
  • further south- desert 
  • varying weather- surrounding mountains produce rain shadows 
  • continental climate- (far from the sea)
  • west of the sierra nevada- fertile land and temperate climate (close to sea)

lifestyle of plains indians 

  • orignally from north asia and first lived on the river valleys in the east
  • nomadic hunter gathers- following buffalo on its seasonal migrations 
  • buffalo provided: meat,skins,sinews(thread and ropes),bones,dung
  • horses allowed easier to hunt and transport (increasing their power and efficiency)
  • horses allowed nomadic pop to increase. as they spread out and didnt catch european diseases such as cholera and smallpox which killed


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