History- The Alliance System

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  • 1882- The Triple Alliance was formed between Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy. These countries agreed that they would support and aid each other in case of an attack against a country within the Triple Alliance.
  • 1890- The treaty between Germany and Russia broke caused by Wilhelm.
  • 1894- Russia and France formed an alliance to support and aid each other if Germany attacked.
  • 1902- A naval agreement was made between Britain and Japan.
  • 1904- The Entente Cordiale (Friendly Agreement) was signed between Britain and France. The aim of this agreement was for both countries to keep on good terms and to avoid arguing over owenership of the colonies.
  • 1907- The Triple Entente was formed between Britain, France and Russia. This alliance also aimed to support each other in case of an attack by the countries in the Triple Alliance.           


1. GERMANY- A main aim was to increase their power of their country and to compete with other empires obtained by Britain and France.The Kaiser had aims for a large, powerful navy to be built in Germany in order to compete with Britain who had the strongest navy at the time.

(Germany were only a newly formed country at the time- formed in 1871. Therefore they weren't very powerful as a country in the sense of not having an Empire and so they felt underestimated as a country)

Another aim of their joining in the alliance was for Germany to defend itself efficiently (with the support of Austria-Hungary…


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