History: Source Work



1) Decide on a time limit if you are in a test. Don't go over the time limit or you might not have time to answer other questions. Depending on the time limit, don't go on a tangent when you have nothing better to say.

2) Annotate the source with everything you can think of. Even if something seems very obvious, write it down anyway. Don't go overboard trying to find clever things to talk about.

3) Use your own knowledge to understand why something was shown/written as it is.

4) Read the caption. It is always put there for a reason and you will need to use it in your answer if there is one.

5) Decide who wrote it if it doesn't already say. This may be obvious or it may be quite difficult, it may even be the question! You will probably have to use your own knowledge.

6) Identify the author's point of view.


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