History, Roaring 20's key issue 2

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Poor americans:

  • 5% of the population had 33% of all the wealth.
  • 60% of the population lived below the poverty line


  • struggled during the 1920's, half the population was involved in farming.
  • farmers produced too much (surplus)
  • food prices decreased, so less money
  • farmers struggled to pay mortgages and some had to sell their farms
  • farm workers lost their jobs and many moved to california to work on fruit farms

Black Americans:

  • many blacks were farmers and had lost their jobs
  • some moved to the city and had low paid jobs

Workers in other industries:

  • Coal suffered because of new forms of power-oil, gas, electricity.
  • too much coal produced meant lower prices, which meant lower wages, resulting in job cuts and then mine closures.
  • cotton, farming and textiles all suffered.

Immigration (social isolation)

  • eighteen fifty till nineteen fourteen, fourty million people moved to America.
  • in the nineteen twenties america had hundreds of different nationalities
  • Desire to keep america for WASPS White Anglo Saxon Protestants
  • there was a fear of immigration, immigrants would take american jobs leading to the spread of communism

immigration law nineteen seventeen:

  • all immigrants had to be able to read English

Emergency quota act nineteen twenty one

  • limited the number of immigrants to three hundred and fifty seven thousand per year, people coming to america could not exceed the three % of people already there, helped to keep eastern Europeans out.

National origins act nineteen twenty four

  • Reduced to two % of people there

nineteen twenty nine immigration limit

  • one hundred and fifty thousand allowed and no immigrants from asia.

Red Scare:

  • Americans feared communism. feared communists would ruin their 'free' lifestyle.
  • red scare was the idea that immigrants were communists
  • september 1920, a bomb exploded outside wall street stock exchange. 38 died and 400 injured
  • American newspapers called it an 'Act of War' Italian anarchists were blamed.
  • 10,000 left wing supporters were arrested during the 'palmer raids'. if any were immigrants they were deported.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti were executed in 1927 for robbery, despite suspect evidence, it was just the…


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