History Puritans

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PURITAN THREAT Puritans within government: Mildmay, Walsingham, Leiecster, Russell. Thomas Cartwright's speech against the organisation of the church at Cambridge University 1571 - John Whitgift spoke up against Cartwright and replaced him as professor of Divinity - and later replaced Grindal as A of C in 1583. John Field's "admonitions" 1572 spoke against the Book of Common Prayer, the organisation of the church and the use of Bishops. Field was imprisoned for a year. Samson and Humphrey spoke out against Matthew Parker's 'advertisments' for the correct way of clerical dress. Samson refused to conform to the new way of dressing, and was deprived of his livings and stripped of his preaching post. However, Samson had friends in high places (Leicster)


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