History paper 1- aspects of Germany 1918-1945


Treaty of Versailles - Signed 28th June 1919

65 mn+ men fought in WW1, 8mn killed, nearly 9mn civillians died. Houses, factories, 1,000 miles of railway, breweries and coal mines destroyed in France and Belgium. Damaged minds and bodies.

Attitudes and aims of the big 3

Georges Clemenceau (France) Attitude towards Germany:

  • Hated Germany
  • Blamed Germany for war
  • Felt threatened by Germany
  • Wanted to harshly punish Germany
  • Revengeful


  • Make Germany Pay
  • Ensure Germany could never attack France again
  • Weaken Germany
  • Wanted Germany's empire to be broken up.

Woodrow Wilson (USA) Attitude towards Germany:

  • Idealist
  • Didn't want to punish Germany too harshly
  • Wanted nations to co-operate to achieve world peace
  • Fair and just
  • Detached (not European)


  • Build a better


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