History of the Periodic Table

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History of the Periodic Table

Until recently there were two ways to catergorise elements:

  • Their chemical/physical properties
  • Their relative atomic mass

Because noone had any idea about atomic structure or protons and electrons.

Newlands' Law of Octaves

He noticed that after organising them according to atomic mass, every eigth element had similar properties

Called Newlands' Octaves, but it stopped working on the third row when transition metals were involved

He left no gaps for unknown elements, so his work was ignored


  • Groups contained elements that didn't have similar properties
  • Mixed up metals and non-metals
  • Didn't leave any gaps for undiscovered elements

Dmitri Mendeleev

He put elements in order of atomic mass, but he left gaps so the elements with similar properties were in the same groups

The gaps predicted properties of undiscovered elements

Not all


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