History of Music- Vivaldi (No music analysis)

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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Brief Backgroud

  • Born 1678 in Viennce
  • Virtuosic Violinist
  • Wrote approximately 500 Concertos. 230 for Violin and 39 for Bassoon.
  • People joked that he could compose a concerto quicker then copiers could produce a copy of the last one. Although it it clear that he recycled a lot of his material.

Catholic Priest

  • One of his first jobs was as a Catholic Priest, ordained in 1708, writting sacred music, i.e. Masses. This can be considered as a good career move as there was a big demand for sacred music.
  • He earned the nickname 'The Red Priest'. Nicknames were a sign of respect in Italy at this time.
  • He claimed to be asthmatic which meant he was excused from conducting Mass as he could not project his voice proparely. It is not known whether or not this is true but it is known that…


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