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Describe Hindenburg

Hindenburg became the chief of general staff in 1916 and he retired from the army in 1918. He became president from 1925 till his death in 1934. He was involved in political scheming with chancellor von papen and he was persuaded by von papen that he could make hitler squeak and he allowed hitler to become chancellor in 1933. He could sack hitler at any point and use article 48 at any time and he used article 48 during the great depression in attempt to restore Germanys greatness.

Explain why von papen thought he could control hitler?

Von papen thought that he could control hitler because he felt that he could make hitler squeak. He felt that the Nazis were loosing momentum and that if he held on long enough then they would disappear from the scene. He felt that hitler didn’t have a strong position as he didn’t have the majority of the Reichstag. Also he had persuaded Hindenburg at first to not allow Hitler to be chancellor and due to Hindenburg being president he could sack hitler at anytime and so von papen felt that he could control hitler as he could easily persuade Hindenburg to do what he wanted like in the past.

Describe how the Reichstag fire increased hitlers power to become a dictator?

the Reichstag fire increased hitles power to become a dictator because it was where on the 27th of February the Reichstag building was burnt down and a dutch communist names marinus van der lubbe was arrested. Due to him being a communist hitler proclaimed that the communists were about to stage a takeover and so he persuaded Hindenburg to pass the decree for the protection of people and state and this resulted in the communists being banned from the Reichstag and so this increased hitlers power as it was one less party to compete with.

Describe why the enabling act was important to hitler?

the enabling act was important to hitler cause it was past on the 23rd of march and it allowed him and the Nazis to make any




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