History - Medicine Through Time (Ancient Times)

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Hippocrates was the first doctor to reject the idea of supernatural treatment, like praying etc. 

Hippocrates came up with the idea of the 4 Humours. The 4 Humours were black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood. If you became ill, it was because one (or more) of your humours were out of balance. For example, if you kept having nose bleeds it meant that you had too much blood in your body and to treat this you would have leeches sucking on your arms to remove blood.  

Hippocrates was the first doctor to introduce prognosis, diagnosis and clinical observation.

Diagnosis is when you look at the patients symptoms and decide what their illness is.

Prognosis is when you predict the out come of the illness after you've treated it. 

Clinical Observation is when you write down all the patients symptoms and the treatment you gave to the patient. 

Hippocrates introduced Regimen. Regimen is a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, do exercise = stay healthy.

Hippocrates also created the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath swearing to not ill treat a patient and keep their notes and illnesses confidential. He wrote 60 book called the Hippocratic Collection and they were used to teach others about his…


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