History- Medicine through time- timeline of key events

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2nd century- Galen said: Humans had two jaw bones, believed in the theory of opposites, the four humours, bloodletting as a treatment. he published over 350 texts about medicine and surgery, everyone believed Galen and no one questioned his theories.

1348- The Black death hit England people believed: God sent the plague to punish them, miasma (bad air), the four humours, the positioning of the planets, activities of groups outside such as Jews and witches. Many lived in small villages in the medieval times so disease normally wouldn't spread quickly. It was carried by fleas on black rats, Treatments included: fasting and praying, eating cool things (this was because of the theory of opposites, the plague would cause fever), keeping the air moving by ringing bells or keeping birds flying around the room.

1536- Vesalius found that there was only one bone in the human jaw, was the first to challenge Galen's work. 1557- Vesalius said that students should carry out disections themselves instead of a surgeon pointing to parts of the body while a teacher read from one of Galen's books.

1616- William Harvey discovered the principle of the circulation of the blood through the body, he calculated that it was impossible for the blood to be burned up in the muscles like Galen had said. His Anatomical Account of the function of the heart and blood marked the end of Galen's influence on anatomy.

1798- Edward Jenner proved that vaccination prevented people from catching small pox, however he didn't understand what caused small pox or how the vaccination worked

1831- First cholera epidemic 13,000 deaths

1826- Joseph Lister invented the multi lens micro scope

1842- Edwin Chadwick published his report on 'the sanitary conditions of labouring population'

1847- Ignaz Semmelweis cut the death rate in his maternity ward by making doctors wash their hands in calcium chloride solution before treating patients

1848- second cholera epidemic 21,000 deaths. The general board of health was set up. The first public health act was put in place (not enforced or followed, nothing drastically changed)

1853- third cholera epidemic 15,000 deaths




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