History: Medicine and Surgery (1900-1945 Modern)


Modern Medicine 1900-1945:


  • Germ Theory is still accepted as way as disease is spread into the body. 
  • DNA has highlighted how changes in the body make humans ill. Understanding DNA, rather germ theory will help combat inherited conditions and cancers.


  • Rontgen (1895) identified x-rays could see through human flesh
  • Curie developed WWI x-ray machines and used radium to kill cancers
  • Gillies set up plastic surgery unit to treat 2000 WWI soldiers
  • McIndoe developed Gillies' work and did plastic surgery during WWI
  • Ehrlich made first chemical "magic bullet" that could kill syphillis disease
  • Flemming (1928) rediscovered penicillin mould could treat infections
  • Florey & Chain got government (UK and USA)


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