History: Medicine and Surgery (1750-1900 Industrial) [2]

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Industrial Medicine (1750-1900)


  • Pasteur identified organisms in air make things go bad. He also identified that heating killed bacteria and exposure to air weakened bacteria so it was safe for immunisation
  • Koch identified the bacteria that caused disease through isolating bacteria (anthrax). Used dye to highlight bacteria and grew bacteria in solid medium
  • Snow used map to identify cholera was waterbourne
  • R.Liston did amputations in 150 seconds but was not always successful
  • Davy identified laughing gas reduced pain
  • J.Liston used ether as an anaesthetic, but caused coughing and fires
  • Simpson used chloroform anaesthetic. High dose was fatal and Snow made nebuliser
  • Semmelweis said surgeons killed women in labour due


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