history, hitlers germany key issue 3

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social policy

  • honour and pride was restored but people lived in a police state, everything controlled by the nazis even wealth and leisure
  • nazis treated its people like children, believing they knew what was best.
  • expected people to behave properly, called paternalism

economic policy

  • 1933 5 million people were unemployed
  • hitler promised to find jobs
  • schacht was minister of the economy had a new plan to reduce unemployment, build up arments industry and make germany self sufficient
  • national labour service: men aged 18-25 to dig ditches and plant forests earned pocket money
  • public works programme: build motorways, hospitals, schools sports stadiums. these created thousands of jobs
  • re-arment, 1935 conscription introduced, army increased by 1 million 1935-38, arms industry grew, women were forced out of work to look after families, jews were dismi**ed from jobs, 1939 no unemployment
  • spending caused inflation a crisis would of occured if hitler had not gone to war.

self sufficiency

  • hitler wanted germany to be self sufficient, a policy called autarky
  • 1936: a 4 year plan germany to produce all its own raw materials and develop new synthetic material but 1/3 of raw materials still imported by 1939
  • lebensraum- living space: take over countries with raw materials economic and foreign policy began to overlap


  • kinder, kurche, kuchen
  • 1933 law for encouragement of marriage, 1000 marks for married couples keep 250 marks for every child you have
  • homes for unmarried women so they can meet racially pure ** men
  • womens role was to stay at home and look after children
  • women…


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