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Reichstag fire

  • february 1933
  • reichstag was set on fire by a dutch communist, van der lubbe 
  • could of been set up by the SA or was a set up
  • hitler claimed this was proof of a communist takeover
  • hindenburg signed an emergency decree 'low for the protection of people and the state;
  • law ended all freedoms guaranteed in the constitution and gave police total control
  • communist leaders were arrested, meetings were broken up and newspapers closed down

march 1933 election

  • Propaganda used to encourage people to vote nazi
  • propaganda methods were rallies, paraders and radio broadcasts
  • nazis had 288 seat, 44% of the vote
  • nazis were the largest party but not a majority
  • nationalist party gave nazis there 52 seats, nazis now have majority

enabling law march 1933

  • enabling law was the power to make any law without consulting the reichstag or president
  • it need 2/3rds majority of the reichstag for law to be passed
  • hitler banned 81 communists using 'law for protection of people
  • social democrats threatened by SA
  • pressure put on other parties
  • enabling law passed 444 to 94
  • destroying the constitution
  • reichstag now only met to hear speeches by hitler
  • november 1933 election, only nazi party was allowed to stand

removal of opposition

  • social democrats were now banned
  • law against the formation of new parties meant only nazi's could stand in elections
  • trade unions abolished
  • ministers were nazis
  • local government was nazis
  • judges were nazis
  • civil servants were nazis
  • those who refused to become nazis were sacked

night of the long knives

  • hitler no longer needed the SA 
  • SA was undisciplined body of thugs
  • ernest roehm was the leader and homosexual which goes against nazis image
  • roehm was more socalist than nationalist, gained support from industrialists and they didnt want to lose this
  • roehm wanted the SA to control the army, this would make him more powerful than hitler
  • army leaders would not support hitler if he was connected to the SA
  • Hitler claimed that the SA were plotting to take over. hitler ordered ** to arrest SA…


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