history, hitlers germany, key issue 1

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Weimar government and depression

  • wall street crash meant that the usa demanded their loans from germany back
  • germany went into depression
  • 1932 6 million of germany were unemployed
  • millions were homeless and set up camps
  • millions depended on charity and soup kitchens

problems for the goverment

  • couldn't print more money, this leads to hyper-inflation like in 1923
  • taxes were falling because people were out of work
  • the solution: 1931, bruning the chancellor raised taxes, causing problems for businesses and companies
  • he reduced unemployment benefits and wages of public officials so people bought less, making the demand for goods fall and the depression got worse
  • all of this helped lead to the collapse of the government and another government could not be formed
  • president hindenburg ruled the country under article 48 by emergency decree
  • by doing this, hindenburg suspended the new democracy of germany

nazi party and the depression

  • during the depression extremist…


MIa Hamburger


You've written that Gerbles was the Minister of Propaganda. Isn't it Goebbels?

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