History Exam - British Depth Study 1890 - 1918

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The need for reform...

In the 1890's many people in britain was not just poor, they were desperate. There was goverment help for the old,ill or unemployed.

The main help avaliable for the very poor was the workhouses run by local councils. They provide basic food and lodging in exchange for long houres in brutal conditions. Many people saw going to the workhouse to be 'shameful'.

There was serouis unemployment in some industries, and the 'no dole' or unemployment benifits.

Old people who had no savings or family suffered very badly - there was no govermental pensions, the only place for old people was the workhouses.

Housing in poor area's was damp, cold and didnt have proper sewage systems. It was easy for people to get ill in these conditions so it meant missing work and potentially losing your job.

Many people couldnt afford to see doctors or afford medicine in the 1890's so went without. 

Many children had to go to work from an early age and so missed out on an education.

Large number of people couldnt afford to eat properly and therefore when fighting the boer war in 1899-1902 they did not serve well because of being malnourised.

Two reports say a third of the british




I found it very useful as it puts it into a simple form and i keep refering to it to see when things happen in what order, good work! :)

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