History Essay

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1. Enequality, prehaps if we break through the bonds we can achieve.  All sexes, races and cultures are extreemly capaple.-Vietnam they used man, woman and child. Ho Chi Mhin trail was made up of woman. Travelling on foot carrying enough vitiman pills and medicine for one month.

-Example of an exceptional person is Duaaong Thi Quy during her sixth moth journey to the South.  She states "I must not break" -an example of exceptional stranght and persaverance.

-In the Congo we saw that the Africans were seen as nothing more than manual labour or items ussed in a form of currency.

2. There are those who took a stand. If it were not for these amazing people then prehaps the happenings of thesses terrible eras would still be going. It may be a visous cycle yet what the world needs is more willing to break the cycle and less willing to fall under it.

-In America there were constant protests. Youthful picketers simetimes surrounded…


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