History Essay

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1. Through both events we see a theme of determination, persaverence and extreem intelligence.

-In Vietnam we saw village laboures using simple hoes and baskets to create laterite clay tunnels.They were not cut in a dead straight line rather made with angled corners to make it difficult to shoot straight and deflected bombs and grenades aswell as prevtent monsoon rainsflooding the system. Thisshowed how the less-educated and militrized out-played the wealthy goons. Irt was very hard living in the tunnels (perserverance) they wefre away from their family, had little to eat and Jars were used for the toilet.

-America had "tunnel rats"  men with an even tempermant, inquistive mind, common sense and nbe increddibly brave. they wore small men with brave hearts they were all volunteers. so although the reasoning was skweded the  inititive was still there as they were all volunteers. "Not worth a rats ***" their motto. Bravest in Vietnam doing a job many could not or would not do,

-ManiKong in the Congo had a society with a great level ofsophistication already. There were govereners for each half a dozen provinces. People could not write…


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