History-Depth Study Germany (1919-1945) Bringing into line


Uner Hitlers rule, much has changed in Germany as he had began bringing aspects of Germany's life "into line." 


  • Hitler thought that the place of a woman had been in the home as the birth rate had been decreasing in Germany so he needed an increase in youth as work force and future army. He also had very traditional values like much of the nazi party conservatives of the woman as a homemaker. In addition he needed to reduce unemployement and getting rid of Jews and women in the unemployement lists would reduce the numbers hevily.
  • Women could have marriage benefits. For couples who married marriage loans of 1000 marks  with the conditions that the future wives gives up her job after having spent 6 months in employement, promises not to take a job as long as her husband earns at lest 125 marks.
  • In addition when the couple had a baby, the marriage loan would be reduced by a quarter every time they had a baby so would not have to pay anything after their fourth child.
  • The government further increased maternity benefits and family allowances and even gave medals for the most fertile mother, gold for having 8 children or more.
  • Not all women were encouraged to be sterilised. A "Law for the prevention of hereditarily diseased offspring" had ordered that women who are unfit to have children must be compulsorily sterilised with 100,000…


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