HISTORY - Civil rights

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Birmingham, Alabama - a.k.a Bombington (1945-52)
~Birmingham was one of the most racially divided cities economically and socially
~NAACP had been banned locally since 1956. To take the place of the NAACPReverend Fred Shuttlesworth formed ACMHR (Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights)
~SCLC used confrontational and non-violent protests to make a difference against economic and racial differences.
~CRM groups bonded and launched sit-ins in libraries and segregated shops to promote black voting
~SCLC and a small number of SNCC representatives arranged a 'childrens crusade' in which children would take a direct role in the protest to create media coverage
~Eugene "Bull" Connor was linked ro racial movements and responsible for fire hoses and dog attacks. He was the local commisioner for public safety and thought the civil rights movement was a communist plot. He arrested many people, media coverage showed violence towards children and many known figures turned up to show support.
~Violence continued until JFK finally realised that the situation was unmanageable. He sacked Connor as he did not tell him that he was calling in federal troops and all…


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