History - Britain Depth Study (Liberal Reforms)

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Liberal Reforms:

How did they help people?

  • Children - They recieved free school meals and free medical care.
  • The Old - They introduced old age pension (amount depending on age and living area). 
  • The Sick - Sick pay and unemployed benefit was introduced.
  • The Unemployed - People recieved unemployment benefits.

Why did the Liberals try to tackle poverty?

  • Social Conscience - Rich people had the belief that poor people were lazy or drunk and bought poorness upon themselves.
  • Military Needs - The working conditions were extremely bad and the workers were ill and hungry which meant we wouldn't have fit soldiers to fight.
  • Industrial Needs - America and Germany are overtaking Britain in industrial production because Britain's workers are ill and malnourished.
  • New Liberalism - The belief that everyone should live a good life and the working class should have


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