How did Labour establish a Welfare State 1945-51?



  • Butler education Act-Making secondary education free until the age of 15 and providing compensation to injured workers and pensions for those who were disabled.



  •  Entitled everybody, free of charge to medical care and has financed from mainly taxation, but some came from National Insurance contributions.
  • Hospitals have nationalised and were run by local committees with 388 in England and Wales and 84 in Scotland.
  • Opposition from family doctors who disliked the proposal that they should be paid by the government and thought it would reduce them to the status of a civil servant.
  • February 1948- 90% of British Medical Association threatened to boycott the whole scheme.
  • Bevan came up with a solution for doctors to receive fees based on the number of patients on their lists. By the 5th of July, 90% of GP's took part.
  • Expensive service of £400 million
  • In 1951- Gaitskell started charging adults half the cost towards teeth and spectacles. This caused Bevan to resign.

The National Insurance Act

  • Extended the original 1911 National Insurance Act.
  • The scheme was compulsory.
  • In return for weekly contribution from workers, employers and government, the individual was entitled…


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