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Reasons for the Spanish Armada:

There were 4 main causes for the Spanish Armada:

Marriage - example:  Elizabeth rejected Philip's marriage proposal, he wanted to make allies with England

Religion - example:  England was becoming protestant and Elizabeth had made a middle way to suit both protestants and christians

Mary Queen of Scots- example:  Elizabeth signed Mary's execution papers, King Phillip was angered by this because she was Roman Catholic and Spain was a Catholic country

Piracy - example:  the English apparently attacked Spanish treasure ships and Elizabeth allowed this to happen.

Events in the attack of the Armada

King Phillip II of Spain decided to attack Elizabeth, he was upset that England was becoming a protestant country.

In 1587 Phillip has his first problem when Drake sailed a small fleet into Cadiz and burnt many of the Spanish ships.

In April 1588 the Armada set sail but was blown off course.  The Armada suffered alot of damage and returned to port. 

In July 1588 the Armada set sail again.

On July 19th, the English spotted the Armada.

After the English spotted the Armada in July 1588 there was a running fight and the English chased the Armada up the English channel.

On 27th July the Armada dropped anchor near Calais.

The English sent in fire ships to attack the Spanish fleet.  The Spanish panicked and sailed away breaking their formation.

The English attacked again and the Spanish Armada was beaten and sailed for home.

It could not get through the channel so they decided to sail north around Scotland.  It was a dangerous sea and many of the ships were damaged or destroyed on their way home.  Only 67 ships…


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