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The Civil War, 1918-21

By 1918, third Rome had fallen.Finland,Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania had declared themsleves free from Russian rule. Across Russia different groups started to arm themselves to resist the Bolshevik rule.

Who fought in the Civil War?

There were several differernt groups fighting for control over Russia, they were often described using colours. There were also armies fighting to free their nations from Russia, E.G Finland and Georgia.

  • Reds- Bolsheviks
  • Whites- Russian Nationalists and Monarchists
  • Greens- Armed peasants and anarchists who fought the Reds and the Whites.

Why was there a Civil War in Russia?

Nationalists and conservatives were determined to overthrow the Bolsheviks. They opposed their plans for social change, workers' influence in industry and peasant seizure of land from landlords.But most of all for signing the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Some monarchists wished to restore the Tsar, Middle class Russians feared the loss of wealth and influence.

Left wing groups- like the Mensheviks and the more moderate SRs - resented the Bolsheviks for abolishing the constituent assembly and setting up a dicatatorship. Members of the soviets were becoming disillusioneed with how the olsheviks were imposing control on them.

Another group that became


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