History revision


Weimar republic

History revision

  • After Germany lost the first world war they were forced to take responsibility of the war. There was a peace settlement which forced the Germans to pay £6.6 billion in reparations.

A new government took over when Kaiser Abdicated:

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II was the leader of the German empire, he controlled it as a Monarch. However after the war there were protests and violence in support of his removal from power. Eventually the Kaiser was forced to abdicate (leave), this happened in November 1918.
  • By 1919 a new government had formed, it was led by Friedrich Ebert. This change forced Germany to become republic. This new government was set up in Weimar because of the violence in Germany, especially Berlin.
  • Ebert was the first president and Scheidemann was the chancellor.
  • Ebert was the Social democratic party leader, this was a socialist party however the new government was democratic. They (Germany) beleived that the people should have a say in how the country is run.
  • There was a peace conference in 1919 and the German government wasn't invited. They also had no say what


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