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Czechoslovakia and Poland

The USSR faced problems in their want for control over Eastern Europe.

Czechoslovakia rebelled against communism in 1968:

  • Alexander Dubcek became the new leader of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and made changes to the country.

These included:

  • Workers were given a greater say in the running and management of their factories.
  • Travel to the West was made available for all.
  • Living standards were to be raised.
  • Free elections were to be held.
  • Opposition parties would be permitted.

This was known as the Prague spring

  • Dubcek was still a communist, though, he wanted the USSR to know this and know that his country would not leave the Warsaw Pact.
  • However, the USSR was still concerned and didn't want the Eastern Block to be weakened.
  • So on August 21'st 1968, 500,000 Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia and Dubcek was removed from his role.
  • After this, the Soviet control was stable again. However, many countries were quick to criticise the USSR but no country actually took action.
  • The UN drew to a conclusion that the USSR was wrong to invade…


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