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The Hungarian rising

During the 50's and 60's the majority of Eastern Europe was under control by the USSR.

Hungary was treated differently after the war:

  • After the war the USSR helped Rakoski, a brutal Stalinist become the leader of Hungary.
  • However, his authoritarian regimes  made him unpopular.
  • In October 1956, the people of Budapest protested against the government of Kroski.
  • The secret police who killed and imprisoned thousands of Hungarians were hunted down.
  • The Russian leader Khrushchev wanted Nagy to become the prime minister of Hungary.
  • Austria, which borders Hungary was declared a neutral state in 1955. Nagy hoped that one day Hungary would become a neutral state.
  • On November 1956, Nagy declared that Hungary would leave the Warsaw Pact and hold free elections. This would end communism in Hungary.

Soviet tanks invaded Hungary:

  • The USSR retaliated to the decision of Nagy and sent tanks into Hungary.
  • It killed and injured 20,000 Hungarians.
  • The USSR removed Nagy from the Prime…


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