History revision

The roots of the nazi party

History revision

The Nazi party was a small party in the 1920's however it had great ambitions and grew significantly.

Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader:

  • Hitler was a soldier a valiant soldier for the German army in World War 1. He fought on the western front and gained the Iron Cross twice (an award for war). However after Germany lost the war Hitler found this hard to deal with.
  • Hitler soon joined the German workers party which was led by Anton Drexler.
  • This party was a small party with Hitler being the 55th member. The German workers party changed name in 1920 to "National Socialist German Workers party", aka the Nazis.
  • Hitler rose in power and was a charismatic speaker which allowed the party to gain more members. He soon took control of the party.
  • The SA was set up by the Nazi party, this was a group of armed people who protected their leaders and harrased opponments. They were brown shirted stormtroopers.

Hitler tried to overthrow the government in the Munich putsch (beer hall putsch)

  • In 1923 the Weimar Republic was crumbling, it was becoming weak. 
  • Hitler took advantage of this and planned to overthrow the Weimar government. He put his…


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