history germany 1918-1945 revision notes

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History Germany Revision Notes

Article 48: In an emergency the president could make laws without first going through the Reichstag.

T. H. I. S. P. - ToffV,  hyperinflation,  invasion of the ruhr, stab in the back, political uprisings

The Treaty of Versailles: L. A. M. B. - Land, Army,, money, blame.

  • Germany lost 13% of their Land

  • Their army was reduced the only 100,000 soldiers and they were forced to surrender

  • Germany had to pay £6600 million in annual installments as reparation tax

  • And Germany had to take all the blame, Even though they felt the war was only self defence.

Political Uprisings

The spartacist revolt - Jan 5th-15th 1919

the leaders were Rosa luxemburg and karl liebknecht

They were communist group of working people they staged the revolt in Berlin and took over the government newspaper and Telegraph headquarters

They didn't have a lot of support

The freikorps and army were easily able to crush them

it was badly planned

And the leaders murdered

They had wanted the lives of working people improved and they  didn't trust the new government

The red rising in the Ruhr -   1920

A group of workers led by the Communist Party

They were angry about bad working pay and bad working conditions

they took control of the Ruhr by controlling the raw materials

the German army crushed the rising

had a weak leadership  and no clear plan

The kapp Putsch - 1920

This involved the freikorps led by Wolfgang kapp

The freikorps marched to Berlin and seized control

The government were forced to flee

They failed to win support and the workers rose up against them in a general strike

They were protesting about the Freikorps being disbanded which is what the allies asked Germany to do

The munich putsch - 1923 9th nov

it included the nazi party, the SA and general ludendorff

Because the nazi party believed a democracy was weak

they wanted one party with one leader.

They burst into a meeting and forced the kahr to promise to support their plan

Badly planned, Kahr withdrew support and government crushed them with the army

Hitler was imprisoned for 5yrs but let out after 9 months

Invasion of the ruhr - 1923

Germany didn't keep up with the reparation payments so the French and Belgium troops invaded.

legal under the TofV

The ruhr was Germany’s most important industrial region

Passive resistance - strikes

No money produced

Hyperinflation - 1923

Germany had no money due to the invasion so printed more making value go down and prices go up.

The people's savings and pensions went to 0

Even people with jobs the wages couldn't keep up

Blamed weimar gov for TofV

Loans were paid back easily

Large businesses brought smaller ones

Stab in the back theory

The soldiers lost their jobs

Lost family and friends in the war

Forced to surrender to them the war wasn’t over

R.I.P.P.E.N.   - Reparations - pay them

Improve global relationships

Persuade french to leave ruhr                            Stresemann


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