History - 1812-22 Criticisms of Liverpool's Economic, Social, Military Circumstances


Criticisms of LP's government

  • Radicals argued the gvt worsened distress by policies. For example, the 1815 Corn Laws, Taxation policy, 1816 Game Laws, Combination Laws
  • Corn Laws = criticised as protecting the interests of agrarian class, and shifting burden to industrial and working class because of the pressure for wages to meet rising bread prices. Historians generally agree it was 'class legalisation' but apologists of LP say desired to promote self-sufficiency in corn in case of war and agriculture protection (largest employer)
  • Taxation policy = Income tax abolished 1816,replaced by indirect tax increase on ordinary goods, which affected the working class and easing burden on rich.
  • Game Laws 1816 = Harshly punished with 7yr transportation to AUS. Cruel and uncaring to lower classes who needed food
  • Combination Laws = passed by Pitt, and kept in place. No trade…


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