Hispanics in the USA

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  • Americans with Spanish backgrounds were mostly living in the south-western states of California, Arizona and Texas as well as the Gulf states and Florida. They were mainly employed in agriculture or as maids and servants.
  • Hispanics suffered sigificant discrimination.
  • During the 1930s, the US government introduced the Mexican Repatriation Programme, which encouraged Mexican immigrants to voluntarily return to Mexico. However, roughly 1 million people were forcibly deported even though 60% of them were American Citizens.
  • In 1943, rioting broke out between US naval servicemen and Hispanics in Los Angeles-these became known as the Zoot riots. The riots continued for three days and the naval personnel were even assisted by local police.
  • Hispanic children were segregated in schools and Hispanic adults were discriminated against in housing and employment
  • After WW2, large numbers of Hispanic workers migrated to the US following an agreement between the United States and Mexico called the Bracero Program. This allowed Mexico to supply…


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