HISB1 - Who's Who? - Wolsey

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Cardinal Wolsey

Charlotte Jones

Who was Cardinal Wolsey?


Before 1509

  • Son of a butcher and cattle dealer
  • Attended a local school then gained a place at Oxford to complete his first degree at 15.
  • Entered a church career as a priest in 1498.
  • After 1501, he was appointed to a number of chaplaincies.
    • Organisational skills led him to be noticed by:
      • William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor.
      • Richard Foxe, Bishop of Winchester and Lord Privy Seal. 
  • Became Sir Richard Nanfan, deputy of Calais', chaplain
    • Nanfan recommended him to Henry VII
  • Started his Court career as a royal chaplain for Henry VII after Nanfan's recommendation in 1507.
    • Sent on diplomatic missions to Flanders and Scotland
    • Appointed Dean of Lincoln and Hereford Cathedrals.

After 1509

  • Became almoner for Henry VIII in 1509 and became registrar of the Order of the Garter.
  • 1510 became a member of the Council.
  • Co-ordinated the invasion of


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